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We are pleased that you are considering us for your child and family.

Thank you for your interest in our school

Our school was started in 1998 and our commitment to traditional Montessori ideals of intrinsic reward, freedom in the classroom, and preparation of the environment is what makes us one of the premier Montessori Schools in Monmouth County.

Our staff is amazing

We have absolutely amazing staff. Our Primary classroom lead teacher, Ms. Margaret has been with Freehold Montessori for 17 years, and assisting her is Ms. Lina, who has been with us for 6 years. Our toddler room lead teacher Ms. Archana has been with us for just over a year now but she has been part of the Montessori classroom for 6 years. Assisting her is Ms. Shanna, who is recently graduated with a B.S in Early Childhood education. Additionally, our infant room lead teacher Ms. Millie has been with Freehold Montessori for over 5 years and together with Ms. Tania are dedicated to making sure our infants are learning the foundations of the Montessori methods early on in their childhood. Our school is part of the American Montessori Society as our lead teachers are all Montessori certified. We love the commitment that our teachers are providing to the Freehold Montessori School environment, to maintain continuity in your child's life, as having the same staff helps us better evaluate your child's progress over the years and allow them to flourish at their own pace. So come observe a class and see why our commitment to an authentic Montessori environment attracts so many parents.

Come observe a class

Families are always welcome to come in and see why our commitment to an authentic Montessori environment attracts our staff to stay so long!

Our Main Goal

Our students happiness and instilling the love of learning is our main goal at Freehold Montessori. We ensure that this happens by respecting students’ inherent ability to do meaningful, authentic work atevery age and stage of development; and we support this work by providing optimal experiences and authentic environments through which students engage with the world and advance their learning. We look forward to engaging with you as you explore Freehold Montessori and discover that this school is what's right for you, your child and your family. Warmest wishes as you search for your dream school, Y.Gumber Head of School.

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