School Profile

In Brief

  • Established: 1998
  • Enrollment: 60
  • Grades: Toddlers (from 12 months) – Elementary
  • AMS Certified
  • Hours:
    • Early Care 7:00am
    • Morning Session- Half Day Program: 9am-12noon
    • Full Day 9am-3pm
    • After School 3:00pm-6:00 pm
  • Summer Camp: 12 months – 13 years
  • Faculty/Staff: 8


  • Freehold Montessori delivers an exceptional academic curriculum that follows Montessori philosophy and pedagogy while preparing our students to be active, successful adults no matter where their academic journey takes them next.
  • Multiage class grouping is a highlight of the Montessori school education. Younger children learn from the older ones, who in turn gain self-confidence through their roles as mentors. Students in the middle choose either role. Each child needs both space to move ahead and time to catch up. A finely integrated curriculum creates a web of learning around multiage classroom. The curriculum builds from level to level linking subjects within levels.
  • Freehold Montessori promotes leadership, project based learning and a strong sense of community through hands on learning, individualized, small and large group instruction and interest-based skills instruction. Long work cycles allow opportunities for students to explore their creativity, topics of interest and work independently at their own pace.
  • Our Montessori teachers guide their students through the academic sequence, making sure they practice and apply the skills taught to ensure mastery of the necessary standards. We approach each challenge carefully and intelligently, encouraging trial and error with full knowledge of differing learning paces and styles and developmental stages. And, we guide our students through the challenge successfully without moving on until an activity on a concept is mastered.

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