Our Campus

  • Freehold Montessori is located at 781 Elton Adelphia Road, Freehold, New Jersey. The school is situated amidst farmlands and trees creating a campus-like village Preschool.
  • Classrooms are spacious and open to appreciate the beauty of a village setting and include modern conveniences. The facility was created out of Maria Montessori’s reflection, “We must create a favorable environment that will encourage the flowering of a Child’s natural gifts.”
  • All classrooms have large windows that provide fresh air and natural lighting. All classrooms have their own dining area with refrigerators, microwaves and filtered drinking water. Toilets and sinks are child-size in spacious restroom.

Our Playground

  • Most people driving into our preschool for the first time, say WOW! Serene, shaded playgrounds, the rocks, the roses, and the natural beauty all produce an almost surreal environment.
  • We have shaded playgrounds with small airplane teeter tot, bicycle merry-go-round and a pergola for children to play. Children sit and chat on our benches and may also chose to build giant figures using large lego blocks.
  • Our green turf side of the playground, helps children learn about various sports that we play such as soccer, tennis and football.
  • Outside, children learn to water the plants, feed the birds, work in our vegetable garden, use a magnifying glass to explore nature and adopt a tree to observe changes. We take pictures, record changes and learn about the seasons.
  • Our facility has a large outdoor stage, patio pavers, outdoors projects, graduation show and parties. Our campus is a beautiful and tranquil place.

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